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@SWBookGroup live from A Shoe that is the @itsmotherswork Shoe!

So as one does on the first morning of one’s annual leave, one reads all one can about one of the things one loves (in my case @SWBookGroup ) and it turns into a mini project! Yes? Well in fact probably not but anyway here’s what happened.

I was tweeting about and from @SWBookGroup this morning as I was catching up with articles, blogs and the like about the benefits of reading fiction and other related pieces that I had just not got around to.  As I was reading I was posting tweets to my fellow #swbk er’s so that they too could have a read at their convenience. It then dawned on me that it had been a while since I last actually caught up with my fellow @SWBookGroup er’s and I was wondering what they might be reading over the summer, a term I use loosely for many reasons! Following on from this I had yet another idea (I am hoping that anytime soon I might run out of bright ideas) which was to collate a reading list of what Book Groupers had chosen to read over the holiday period and to share any tweets that I might get with #socialwork #socialcare and fiction reading colleagues and communities.

Luckily for me, a fabulous tweep friend @itsmotherswork shared some really interesting tweets about a book The Homecoming of Samuel Lake she had been reading. The rest now, it is hoped, will make some history! But we can’t do it alone, nor would we want too! In fact Jarlath. F. Benson Working More Creatively With Groups: Third Edition talks about the numbers required to make a group in his wonderful works.  So this is where you all come in. We are keen to hold an online Book Group for anyone who might be interested. @itsmotherswork has most kindly, without any kind of pressure *coughs*  agreed to host the session but before we go into full on planning mode we wanted to find out how many of you would be interested? The Book Group would be online from the @SWBookGroup feed, on a week night evening and we will be using #bookinashoe as our hashtag. We can send out the date and time once we establish if there is enough interest in what will be the first of its kind kinda Book Group.
So please tweet @SWBookGroup using the hashtag #bookinashoe to let us know if you are in!

Many thanks for reading and we do hope that there might be enough of us to read, think and share together.

@amltaylor66 from @SWBookGroup HQ with the most wonderful @itsmotherswork who will be our host for the evening!


Using Book Groups in Social Work Education – Where we started, where we went and where we are going

Last night saw the last session of the Using Book Groups in Social Work Education Pilot, marking the end of an incredible journey and one that began with a few @UCLanSocialWork students in the library @UCLan.   The final session of @SWBookGroup @UCLanLIS looked slightly different in that we were joined by four Professors of Social Work, @Junethobu,  @Harr_Ferguson who lead the session and @AidanWorsley, @ivornadir, some #socialwork2014 academics, around 14 students, a practitioner and 1344 @SWBookGroup followers, a number of whom connected with us on-line.


We read the Olive Stevenson Book ‘’Reflections on a Life in Social Work: A Personal & Professional Memoir’’  providing us with time to look back on and think about  Olive’s words and works. http://www.olivestevenson.com/  It was a fabulous learning space as you will see if you follow the Book Group hashtag #swbk.  It was nice to hear June talk so fondly about Olive and how she remembered the times when Olive had used literature in her teaching.  We also discovered that June tutored our Executive Dean Aidan Worsley and examined the PhD of Nigel Thomas. So not only was it an evening where we shared thoughts and reflections about social work but also one where we thought about our history and learned more about our connections.


The live streamed meant that we were able to connect with @AngieBartoli leading a group of students in @UniNorthants ; @MartinK55 and @pearsemac with their students at GCU; @katekarban @GeraldineG3 and their students at @BradfordUni and a new group @CCCUSocialWork. Throughout the course of the pilot @ProfJScourfield has worked with groups of students at @CardiffMASW ; @KatharineDill with a group @QUB_DRN and @HannahnagroM with students @SWLancs.  We have had authors’ @Deb_M_Morgan and @_LisaCherry come along and share their work and thoughts with students and we have been incredibly well supported by @APSWUK with @ProfJScourfield, @Brigid39, @ProfSueWhite and @NEStanley all giving their time and energy to the project travelling to @UCLanSocialWork  to facilitate @SWBookGroup events.



So as you can see @SWBookGroup has gone from strength to strength but why you might ask? I think I will leave the tweet feedback #swbk and video links attached to answer that question:

Student Feedback:





A Storify capturing the History of Social Work Book Group:
The Use of Book Groups in Social Work Education






So what now? Book group continues to grow and in many forms within the #socialwork14 world. Here @UCLanSocialWork colleagues have just introduced the model into modules of learning, @CollegeofSW through @AnnieHudsonTCSW are taking this initiative forward as a CPD activity for its members and I am working with Principle Social Workers from across the UK to develop a template that they can use within their organisations with practitioners.  I am also working on another piece of writing further to my thoughts about Book Groups as a practice approach started in the Social Media in Social Work Education text
http://criticalpublishing.com/index.php/browse-by-subject-1/social-work/social-media-in-social-work-education.html Social Media in Social Work Education


@SWBookGroup will continue but this time around each University involved will host an event like we have @UCLanSocialWork.  Information about these events will be posted on the Book Group Twitter feed @SWBookGroup and if you want to get involved please get in touch.


Can I just finish by thanking EVERYONE, in whatever capacity, known to me or not, for any contribution you have made to this project; one that aimed to provide a unique way of teaching and learning but more importantly one that has hopefully gone some way to further connecting the #socialwork profession.